Efficient & Economical

Modern Aircraft, with their advanced computer based avionics and efficient composite airframes are truly “Magic Carpets” able to provide unprecedented personal freedom. Not only do they make traveling easy and effortless, they are more efficient than a typical SUV. You can actually speed along at over 170MPH on a trip and burn less gallons of gas than driving!  Imagine a vehicle that’s “Green” but gets you to your destination in 1/3rd the time and the best part is you travel on your own schedule.

What makes the DiamondShare Program make so much sense?

Most owners of aircraft use their planes 80 – 100 hours a year which equates to only 5% of the hours in a typical working year, excluding weekends. Modern aircraft prefer to be flown as opposed to be sitting most of the time. Further, aircraft ownership has a number of fixed costs that don’t vary based on the number of hours flown such as insurance, storage and avionics subscriptions.

Due to these factors, some find the economics of individual aircraft ownership a bit out of reach while others have difficulty justifying the investment for the utilization. Often times buyers “settle” for old outdated aircraft to reach certain economic price points with the result being ownership of an aircraft that is not as capable and their goal of personal mobility is not truly achieved.

The Program allows an owner to leverage his asset to have it help pay for itself while dramatically reducing his cost of ownership yet maintaining full control and usually enhancing his tax advantages.

DiamondShare™ is an Personal Mobility Solution that leverages the power of Modern Aviation Technology AND Makes the Dollars Make Sense.

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