Owners & Members Area

DiamondShare includes a member scheduling system and online storage of documents such as the shared online flight logs. Each Owner is provided an @diamondshare.com account for the aircraft and easy communications with their members.

Each member page will have

Aircraft Information Access Information
Special Instructions
Owner Contact Info

Scheduling Calendar

An example is below

Aircraft: 2012 Diamond DA40 XLS
Base: KABC / Hangar 341
Access Instructions:  The field requires badge access. Contact XYZ @ ABC for application for badges. The hangar has a coded lock system. A pass code will be provided upon signing of the lease agreement and completion of a check out in the aircraft.

Special Instructions for Use:
Each Member is to set up their own fuel account with the FBO and upon completion of the flight refuel the aircraft to full. Make sure the FBO bills the correct fuel account. If you require off loading of fuel there are cans in the hangar that can be used for temporary offloading. A check out for the procedure is required by the owner. Members are to record their flights in the flight log kept in the plane accurately and completely. A common shared spread sheet with running totals will be kept from this log for all members to see. Minor squawks are to be recorded in the log. Notify the owner of any significant or airworthy items immediately. Each PIC is responsible completely to insure the aircraft is airworthy prior to each flight.

Owner Contact Info:
DiamondShare Owner Name
Phone with Text: 646-498-8275
Email: Larry@DiamondShare.com

To reserve time on the aircraft you may:
1. Send a request to the DiamondShare Owner
2. Request a user ID and use the app directly


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The DiamondShare Program is Available Exclusively Through LifeStyle Aviation

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