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Finally, there is an Aircraft Ownership option that “Makes the Dollars Make Sense™”
Most pilots dream of obtaining a private pilots certificate and acquiring their own aircraft so they can enjoy the freedom of flight and opportunity to go places in an airplane, their airplane.  They dream of  a different lifestyle and a means to be beyond the usual bounds. Most certainly owning your own airplane can represent a life changing potential. With access to your own aircraft you can conduct your personal and business life on a new plane.
The challenge for many pilots is the overall total cost of ownership and the ability to justify acquiring the aircraft that they’d really like to own. Often times this hurdle leads pilots to purchase older aircraft that are “no comparison” to the amazing capabilities of the new, safe and capable aircraft now available. Worse yet, some pilots simply sit on the sidelines not exercising their pilot privileges and loosing their currency as their dreams fade and their frustration mounts.


Introducing DiamondShare™

DiamondShare™ was inspired and created to provide all pilots an affordable option to have ownership or access to an amazing new modern aircraft so they can achieve their dreams and goals. Our Secret is Sharing. The idea is simple and the implementation is brilliant. By pooling your interest via the DiamondShare™ Share & Save program with up to three other parties you can dramatically reduce your total cost of ownership while enhancing your overall aircraft ownership experience. Also, if you own a business and plan to use your aircraft for some level of business flying,  you will be simply amazed at current tax advantages available to help you purchase your aircraft. Owners often experience “Cash Flow Positive Purchases”. Regardless if you are a veteran pilot that owns an aircraft and would like to upgrade or you are a new Private Pilot and want to find a way to own or access an airplane in a way that “makes the dollars make sense”, we encourage you to review the information on our site and then let us know you’d potentially be interested so we can invite you to our next pilot briefing in your area.


DiamondShare™ Concept

Modern Aircraft, with their advanced computer based avionics and efficient composite airframes are truly “Magic Carpets” able to provide unprecedented personal freedom.  Most owners of aircraft use their planes 80 – 100 hours a year which equates to only 5% of the hours in a typical working year, excluding weekends.  Modern aircraft prefer to be flown as opposed to sit most of the time.

Further, aircraft ownership has a number of fixed costs that don’t vary based on the number of hours flow such as insurance, storage and avionics subscriptions. Due to these factors, some find the economics of individual aircraft ownership a bit out of reach while others have difficulty justifying the investment for the utilization. Often times buyers “settle” for old outdated aircraft to reach certain economic price points with the result being they then own an aircraft that is not as capable and their goal of personal mobility is not truly achieved and they keep looking and dreaming of the ideal plane.

Finally there is a Personal Mobility Solution that leverages the power of Modern Aviation Technology AND Makes the Dollars Make Sense.

Member Testimonial

It has been a fantastic opportunity and a true privilege to join a DiamondShare as a Member.  I treat the plane as if it were my own and have deep gratitude to the owner for my participation. I was really struggling to find a suitable arrangement when I stumbled across an email to attend a DiamondShare briefing. Within 5 minutes, I grasped what was being offered and knew immediately it fit my situation. I’ve had many adventures in the last year that I don’t think would have been feasible unless I bought my own plane. That’s always an option, but not likely a brand new Diamond DA40 XLS like I’m enjoying now! I love it!”               Richard K.  DiamondShare Member,  Caldwell NJ



Program Summary

The DiamondShare Share & Save™  Program  is simple and is made up of Owners and Members.  Owners purchase the aircraft and the DiamondShare™ Team sets up the structure and all program benefits and obtains for them up to three qualified pilots that commit to an annual block lease with fixed payments and are referred to as Members. Typically, the Owner puts in the downpayment, finances the plane and the first two monthly member lease payments roughly cover the finance payments for the aircraft each month. The Owner chooses the number of members (1 to 3 members) he wants involved and all other details about the aircraft, location and various included choices. Member leases provide access for an entire of annual usage. The lease is a fixed “Dry Lease” amount with no additional fees except for fuel and in some instances a share of hangar or subscription fees. Lease rates are based on a maximum number of hours and can vary from location to location based on local operating costs and the equipment selected on the aircraft.

The first step in considering the program is to learn about the benefits attributed to Owners and Members and then with proper consideration of your particular circumstances determine which fits best for you.  Those looking at the program will determine which route is best for them by evaluating their personal goals and preferences along with the investment requirements and economic and tax advantages.  Here is a quick summary of characteristics of the Owner and Member advantages of the  Share & Save Program represented in the tabs of the table below. Upon Consultation, the DiamondShare™ Team will help you evaluate the full impact of the benefits you could enjoy in your particular situation through a simple questionnaire.

Owners enjoy highly advantageous purchase and ownership economics. They enjoy the ability to always be in charge of the aircraft and all the choices. If they have a business purpose for flying but not quite enough (50%) to qualify for purchase deductibility the Share & Save Program can be very advantageous.

Cash Flow Positive purchasing and ownership are possible in the right circumstances. Total Ownership Costs can be significantly lower than single ownership. Purchase entry is as low as 15% of the aircraft value. Owners can be Student Pilots learning to fly and in the case of business owners can use the plane on a “learn while you earn basis”.  The Program is open to non-pilots as well that want to be owners who want a mobility solution and can use professional pilots as their own “air limo”.

The typical arrangement is to make the initial downpayment and have others cover the monthly payments while retaining any tax advantages for yourself.

The program is turnkey and all elements of the acquisition, setup, tax planning, member acquisition and support are all included to make the DiamondShare™ Share & Save Program the easiest decision you’ll ever make to transform your life.


Members (Block Lease Users) have the advantage of no equity access to use the plane on a “Dry Lease Basis”.

The aircraft is New, Capable and State-of the-Art.

There is only a year by year commitment as a member.

The aircraft is shared only among a small group so members enjoy greater flexibility of use.

A fixed lease payment is easy to budget and might be easy to justify as a business expense depending on use and circumstances. The annual membership fee in the program is only $500.

Members can be non-pilots that purchase block time and obtain a qualified pilot to provide pilot services for their use.

Nothing else on the market compares to advantages or economics of this unique program. Member slots are limited and only offered until the slots are filled for each new aircraft delivered. Existing members are given preferential renewal options.  



Share & Save Ownership Includes New DA40 XLS aircraft with:*


  • Your choice of colors and options for your New Aircraft
  • Delivery to your home Airport with a full day delivery and DiamondShare™ orientation
  • Or you can enjoy the ultimate delivery experience with a trip to the factory with Air Fare and Lodging Included
  • Two Year Warranty for the airframe and all major components
  • 1st Year FREE  Maintenance including annuals, oil changes and scheduled maintenance
  • 1st Year FREE Insurance included
  • WAAS G1000 with state of the art GFC700 autopilot with FlightCharts, SAFETaxi, Weather and Airways
  • All weather and data services setup for you as part of your delivery
  • 1st Year FREE subscriptions for data and satellite weather included
  • Owner Private Pilot Check Out at Factory or Diamond Flight Center or up to $1000 training credit
  • Access to our Low Rate FREEDOM LOAN with Easy 15-20% down payment and low monthly payments to make modern flying accessible to everyone and DiamondShare™ pays the loan closing fees
  • DiamondShare™ does the aircraft registration and filing with the FAA and you pay no escrow or filing fees
  • Online tools for easy group scheduling, coordination, document and photo storage
  • Warranty Registration of your plane with the factory
  • 10% discount coupon for all accessories from our DiamondShare™ Store
  • Comprehensive legal, tax, depreciation, and CPA consultation program included (first year) that includes annual usage tracking, sales tax management and tax filing and legal support for DiamondShare Share & Save™ Owners. The DiamondShare™ Lease agreement is including in these deliverables
  • The DiamondShare™ Team will locate and qualify candidates for you to consider for your first members
  • As you can see the program is turnkey so you can just show up and turn the key in your New Plane!

Bonus 1: “Accelerated Depreciation” may be applicable
Bonus 2: Business use can qualify you for attractive tax savings
Bonus 3: Tax consulting for owners included


* FINE PRINT: The benefits listed above are exclusive to the DiamondShare™ Program and are based on a special promotion for a limited number of units that may be discontinued  at any time. Most values have maximum values and are limited and some items are provided as rebates upon delivery. All details for each owner will be provided in writing on their purchase contract for their acceptance prior to signing and may vary from what is presented above. Tax laws change frequently and DiamondShare™ or its related entities do not provide tax advice directly and all parties should consult a qualified tax advisor before making any decision to purchase or lease.  The promotions and items presented above are not available for aircraft that are not included in the DiamondShare™ program.  All examples and illustrations presented for the DiamondShare™ Program are for illustration only and are not a promise of a particular owner’s financial outcome or tax treatment. 



Owners can potentially enjoy taxed advantaged positive cash flow with their purchase and amazing ownership economics while
members enjoy access for monthly costs per person of as little as $999!

See our currently available purchase opportunities and special promotions. 

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Below you’ll see locations for areas where we are expanding the DiamondShare Share & Save™ Program and our network of Diamond Flight Centers and Diamond Service Centers.

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The DiamondShare Program is Available Exclusively Through LifeStyle Aviation


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