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Discover how having your own "Personal Time Machine" can change your life
Simple & Sensible

Finally, a simple and sensible way to make the economics of personal aviation make sense. The Share & Save Program offers each party a choice and a way to meet their needs. Owners enjoy tremendous savings, economic advantages and potential tax savings for qualified buyers. Members enjoy limited terms, easy payments and no equity requirements and everyone avoids the complexities and challenges of equity partnerships. The end result is a simple approach where everyone wins.

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The DiamondShare Program is Available Exclusively Through LifeStyle Aviation

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Efficient & Economical

Modern Aircraft, with their advanced computer based avionics and efficient composite airframes are truly “Magic Carpets” able to provide unprecedented personal freedom. Not only do they make traveling easy and effortless, they are more efficient than a typical SUV. You can actually speed along at over 170MPH on a trip and burn less gallons of gas than driving!  Imagine a vehicle that’s “Green” but gets you to your destination in 1/3rd the time and the best part is you travel on your own schedule.

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Awesome & Affordable

This program makes the Awesome State-of-the-Art “Modern Magic Carpet” Diamond DA40 XLS Affordable for everyone, pilots and non-pilots alike.

If $1000 a month is a budget you can justify for your freedom then you should contact us to discuss your particular situation and obtain our recommendations for your participation as either an Owner or Member of the DiamondShare™ Share & Save Program.

Finally there is an Personal Mobility Solution that leverages the power of Modern Aviation Technology AND Makes the Dollars Make Sense.

DiamondShare™ and DiamondShare Share & Save™ are Trademarks of DiamondShare™, a group company dba of Five Star Marketing, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2011 – 2012

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