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Aug. 28, 2015

 August 29/30


From 3:00-7:30



KHPN Westchester County Airport

 KSWF Steward International


Landmark Aviation West Ramp
67 Tower Rd
White Plains, NY 10604

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Register for an event and you’ll receive more information on DiamondShare. The HPN Event will include a special briefing and at the air show event we will be on static display. 

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What is DiamondShare?


DiamondShare helps  aircraft owners change the paradigm of aircraft ownership by providing two or three “members” who pay a fixed monthly fee to the owner in exchange for access to fly the plane. “It’s not the old flying club or equity partnership arrangement – you are the sole owner of the aircraft, so you avoid all the complexities of partnership formation, financial overhead and management of those programs,” explains John Armstrong, founder of DiamondShare.

This program is the sensible way to own or fly a new Diamond Aircraft,” he notes. “Most owners use their aircraft less than 100 hours a year and for some it’s difficult to justify ownership with this level of use. Also, aircraft like to be flown more than most individual owners fly. Through DiamondShare, the owner offsets much of the cost of ownership, making it easy to achieve the dream of owning and flying a modern plane while enjoying economics that are easy to justify.

Under DiamondShare, the owner sets the rules for its use, so he or she is assured of access to their plane on their schedule. In addition, the owner controls the funding stream by choosing the number of members they accept. Two members cover most or all of the monthly note on the aircraft and adding a third covers most of the other expenses.

DiamondShare comes with a long list of benefits available only to a DiamondShare owner, such as online scheduling, comprehensive insurance for the group, airplane-specific training tools, special feature upgrades to mention a few. Participating owners also receive additional benefits including comprehensive accounting and tax consultation, warranty service, training, financing, pre-paid subscriptions and more. To learn more visit


The popular DiamondShare program has expanded to include DA42s twins and the Jet-A version of the DA40!   Click for all the choices


Want to learn more about aircraft ownership and membership in the DiamondShare program?  Come out to one of our FREE DiamondShare events!


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